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GLO vs GLA Dream11 predictions / GLO vs GLA h2h / GLO vs GLA latest results / Dream11 football Tips for Gloucestershire VS Glamorgan

GLO vs GLA Dream11 predictions and stats mentioned below will help you to prepare your dream11 teams for the match between GLO vs GLA. Key factors preparing your GLO vs GLA dream11 teams is the latest results of both teams , h2h results between GLO vs GLA ,
and performances of the players of GLO vs GLA. We provide stats that helps you prepare you dream11 team for GLO vs GLA.

Match Details

Date : 2020-08-29T13:00:00.000000Z

Stadium : County Ground,15000

Squads for GLO Vs GLA

Squad for GLO

Jack Taylor,Chris Dent,George Hankins,Ian Cockbain,Miles Hammond,Graeme van Buuren,Benny Howell,George Scott,Ryan Higgins,Ben Charlesworth,Tom Price,James Bracey,Gareth Roderick,Josh Shaw,Thomas Smith,David Payne,Stuart Whittingham,George Drissell,Matthew Taylor,Jerome Taylor,

Squad for GLA

Callum Taylor,Kiran Carlson,Billy Root,Nicholas Selman,Charlie Hemphrey,Connor Brown,Colin Ingram,Joe Cooke,Graham Wagg,Andrew Salter,Owen Morgan,David Lloyd,Daniel Douthwaite,Marnus Labuschagne,Alex Horton,Chris Cooke,Tom Cullen,Kieran Bull,Lukas Carey,Ruaidhri Smith,Michael Hogan,Prem Sisodiya,Jamie McIlroy,Roman Walker,Timm van der Gugten,Marchant de Lange,

Latest results for GLO / Form of GLO


  • Gloucestershire played in 12 matche(s) recently.
  • Out of these 12 matche(s) Gloucestershire won 7 matche(s).
  • Gloucestershire lost 5 matche(s) out of 12 matche(s) played by them .

Latest results for GLA / Form of GLA


  • Glamorgan played in 10 matche(s) recently.
  • Out of these 10 matche(s) Glamorgan won 1 matche(s).
  • Glamorgan lost 9 matche(s) out of 10 matche(s) played by them .

Head2HEad results for GLO vs GLO / H2H results for GLO vs GLA

  • Gloucestershire and Glamorgan played in 4
    matche(s) recently.
  • Out of these 4 matche(s) Gloucestershire won 2 matche(s).
  • Glamorgan won 2 matche(s) out of 4 matche(s) played between Gloucestershire and Glamorgan .

Win records at County Ground (Recent)

Total matches : 24

First Innings Win : 9

Second Innings Win : 16

Average first innings score at County Ground : 182.72

Average second innings score at County Ground : 164.58

Average first innings wicket at County Ground : 6.52

Average second innings wicket at County Ground : 5.46

Key batting/bowling performers for both the teams from previos seasons

Bowling Performance for GLO

  • David Payne(15)
  • Thomas Smith(8)
  • Ryan Higgins(8)
  • Benny Howell(5)- Not in Squad
  • Graeme van Buuren(4)

Bowling Performance for GLA

  • Andrew Salter(14)
  • Marchant de Lange(13)
  • Roman Walker(5)-Not in Squad
  • Ruaidhri Smith(5)- Not in Squad
  • Graham Wagg(4)

Batting Performance for GLO

  • Miles Hammond(322)
  • Ian Cockbain(277)
  • James Bracey(244)
  • Ryan Higgins(206)
  • Jack Taylor(193)

Batting Performance for GLA

  • David Lloyd(337)Not in Squad
  • Colin Ingram(244)- Not in Squad
  • Chris Cooke(180)
  • Nicholas Selman(93)
  • Daniel Douthwaite(51)
  • Billy Root(51)
Probable 11 for GLO

Cockbain, Dent, Hammond,Hankins,Higgins,Payne,Scott,Smith,J Taylor, Van Buuren,Bracey

Probable 11 for GLA

Cooke , Balbernie, Carlson, Lange, Hogan, Root, Salter, Taylor, Gugten, Wagg, DouthWaite

Tips for Dream11 Teams / Tips for Best dream11 teams for GLO vs GLA

Most of the stuff mentioned above should be enough for preparing dream11 teams. As we won’t you to be Your own Expert we provided stats first. But for those who are still looking for teams we will be posting two teams which can be used in Grand leagues with members ranging from 250-1000.

Lets start preparing teams

First question while building our team , we should answer to ourself, Who is going to win?

This becomes important as the team who will win is most likely to dominate the game, also our dream11 team will be stacked with maximum players from that team.

We expect GLO to win this game , so our team will have all possible maximum selection from this team.

Next up , Should we be having an all out of the opponent team???

If yes we can stack bowlers of the team that we are thinking will win.

With 22 players at our disposal we can’t choose each, we need to make a list of must have and a list of players that we can afford to leave. This list is important and we need to preapre with our instincts. We can’t be wrong evrytime :-).

We have already prepared a list at the top which contains top run scorers and top wicket takers from both the teams we will refer that list for our teams.

Who will be our Cap and VC???

If we think that it will be a high scoring encounter we can go with both batsman as cap and vc, but if we think that it will be a good contest between bat and ball we can go with bowlers as our vc or cap.

We expect this to be an even contest so we will go with batsman as cap and bowler as vs of the team that we think will win. We think it should be GLO.

Our top picks for CAP GLO vs GLA Dream11
  • Hammond
  • Higgins
  • Cockbain
Our top picks for VC CAP GLO vs GLA Dream11
  • Payne
  • Balbernie
  • Salter

These are our scenerios on thinking GLO should win, you can go with you scenerios with the team that you think will win.

Best dream11 teams for GLO vs GLA

It’s a good practice to build your teams revolving two top scenerio or match condition that can happen. We can’t build scatterred teams, but need to focus on the match condition that we think will happen. You can choose your own.

Cap and Vc that you choose will be the luck part. All the stats and analysis needed we have added here. Good Luck .


All our picks are based on in-depth analysis of the stats between two playing teams. Please use these stats/team as reference for preparing your own teams for fantasy sports platforms.

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GLO vs GLA dream11 / GLO vs GLA Dream11 team / GLO vs GLA Dream11 Cap and VC

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