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Stats mentioned below will help you to prepare your dream11 teams for the match between WOL vs FRK Key factors preparing your dream 11 teams for WOL vs FRK is the latest results of both teams , h2h results between WOL vs FRK , and performances of the players of WOL vs FRK. We provide stats that helps you prepare you dream11 team for WOL vs FRK.

Match Details

Date : 2020-05-30 at 13:30:00

Stadium : VOLKSWAGEN ARENA, grass , 30000

League Positions

Wolfsburg : 6

Eintracht Frankfurt :14

Injury updated for WOL

Marvin Stefaniak :Thigh Muscle Strain
Ignacio Camacho Barnola :Ankle/Foot Injury
Admir Mehmedi :Groin/Pelvis Injury
William de Asevedo Furtado :ACL Knee Ligament Injury
Josuha Guilavogui :Knee Injury
Admir Mehmedi :Achilles tendonitis
Felix Klaus :Suspended
Paulo Otavio Rosa Silva :Ankle/Foot Injury

Injury updated for FRK

Marco Russ :Achilles tendon rupture
Gonçalo Mendes Paciencia :Hamstring
David Ángel Abraham :Illness
Stefan Ilsanker :Suspended

Latest results for WOL vs FRK



H2H results for WOL vs FRK

2019-11-23 Eintracht Frankfurt 0-2 Wolfsburg
2019-04-22 Wolfsburg 1-1 Eintracht Frankfurt
2018-12-02 Eintracht Frankfurt 1-2 Wolfsburg
2018-01-20 Wolfsburg 1-3 Eintracht Frankfurt
2017-08-26 Eintracht Frankfurt 0-1 Wolfsburg
2017-05-06 Eintracht Frankfurt 0-2 Wolfsburg

For full match details about these matches please visit tips4fantasySports

Match prediction for WOL vs FRK

Wolfsburg : 48.011 %
Eintracht Frankfurt : 27.32 %
Draw : 24.669 %

Looking at the latest results of Wolfsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt , wolfsburg seems to have an upper hand over Eintracht Frankfurt. Even if we look at the h2h results between Wolfsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt it’s Wolfsburg who is having the upper hand. So we predict Wolfsburg to win this match.

Match Goals predictions for WOL vs FRK
Over 2.5 goals : 52.409 %
Over 3.5 goals : 30.206 %
Under 2.5 goals : 47.592 %
Under 3.5 goals : 69.795 %

Tips for Dream11 teams for WOL vs FRK

Before preparing our fantasy teams we take care of below mentioned points.

  • Latest Results of WOL and FRK.(mentioned above)
  • H2h results between WOL vs FRK.(mentioned above)
  • Home / Away win stats of WOL and FRK. (you can check this at tips4fantasySports.
  • Predict a winner (mentioned above) , or choose a team that you think is going to win. Make your team full of players(max allowable limit 7 in dream 11) from this team.
  • Predict a match Situation : Match situation could be anything like WOL Or FRK winning by clean sheet or by just 1 goal.
  • Prepare a list of players that you think will perform and list of players that you think will fail

As we predicted WOL to win this match after looking at the latest results and h2h between WOL vs FRK. We will stack our team with 7 players from WOL.

Match Situations
Situation 1 : Clean sheet for WOL and win by 1-2 goals.

Now for clean sheet for WOL we will stack our team with 4 defenders from WOL and goal keeper from WOL as well. Which makes it 5 player from WOL.

Now we will take 1 midfielder from WOL and 1 Forward from WOL. This will make 7 players from WOL.

We will avoid any defender from FRK to avoid losing points on goals conceded. So we will take mid fielders and forwards from FRK.

Now key here will be choosing the right Forward/Midfielder from WOL who will be scoring goal.

Cap and VC : You can go with Either a forward and defender or Mid fielder and Defender in the clean sheet situation.

Dream11 team for WOL vs FRK Situation 1

Both teams to score goals but WOL winning.

Now for this situation we can just keep defenders to be at minimum required limit of 3 defenders. They could be of WOL or FRK.

We will take key forwards and mid fielders from both the teams here. As we are predicting goals from both sides. We will take forwards and mid fielders from both team.

Dream11 team for WOL vs FRK Situation 2

Key players for Dream11 Teams WOL vs FRK
  • Marin Pongracic (WOL)
  • Martin Hinteregger(FRK)
  • Maximilian Arnold(WOL)
  • Renato Steffen(WOL)
  • Wout Weghorst(WOL)
  • Wout Weghorst(WOL)
  • Andre Silva(FRK)
  • Filip Kostić(FRK)

Note : Team for this will be added once we have the lineups.

Dream 11 Teams for WOL vs FRK

These stats and predictions should be enough for preparing teams, but if you are still looking for teams we will add a reference team here and update it once the lineup is out. Go with your Cap and VC. Good Luck!

Disclaimer : All our picks are based on in-depth analysis of the stats between two playing teams. Please use these stats/team as reference for preparing your own teams for fantasy sports platforms.

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WOL vs FRK Dream11 Predictions / WOL vs FRK Predictions

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