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TBO vs SO Dream11 predictions and stats mentioned below will help you to prepare your dream11 teams for the match between TBO vs SO. Key factors preparing your TBO vs SO dream11 teams is the latest results of both teams , h2h results between TBO vs SO ,
and performances of the players of TBO vs SO. We provide stats that helps you prepare you dream11 team for TBO vs SO.

Match Details

Date : 2020-08-25 15:30:00

Stadium : Mordovia Arena, grass,11613

Positions in League

Tambov : 14

Sochi : 3

Injury updates for TBO

No injury update for this match

Injury updates for SO

No injury update for this match

Latest results for TBO vs SO

Tambov : L W L L L L L W L L

Sochi : W W D D W L D D D W

H2H for TBO vs SO

2019-11-02 : Sochi 1 – 2 Tambov

Match prediction for TBO vs SO

Our prediction algorithm looking at old stats predicts
Tambov is having 40.004 % chances to win this match.
whereas Sochi is having 32.385 % chances to win this match.
There is 27.608 % chances for this match to be draw

TBO : 40.004 (%)

SO : 32.385 (%)

Draw : 27.608 (%)

Match Goals prediction for TBO vs SO

Looking at latest matches we predict how many goals will be scored in this match.

Over 2.5 goals : 42.821 %

Over 3.5 goals : 21.963 %

Under 2.5 goals : 57.177 %

Under 3.5 goals : 78.036 %

Key players for TBO vs SO dream11

Below we will provide key players from both the teams, key strikers from TBO vs SO,
key midfielders from TBO vs SO and key defenders from TBO vs SO

Key Strikers/Forwards for TBO vs SO dream11
  • Dmitri Poloz from Sochi with 1 goals and no assists
  • Kirill Panchenko from Tambov with 1 goals and no assists
  • Alexander Karapetian from Tambov with 1 goals and no assists
Key mid fielders for TBO vs SO dream11
  • Christian Noboa from Sochi with 3 goals and 1 assists
  • Joãozinho from Sochi with no goals and 2 assists
  • Nikita Burmistrov from Sochi with 2 goals and no assists
  • Vladimir Kabakhidze from Tambov with no goals and 1 assists
  • Pavel Karasev from Tambov with no goals and 1 assists
  • Valeriu Ciuperca from Tambov with 1 goals and no assists
Key defenders for TBO vs SO dream11
  • Kirill Zaika from Sochi with no goals and 1 assists
  • Ivan Miladinović from Sochi with 1 goals and no assists
  • Miha Mevlja from Sochi with 1 goals and no assists
  • Oleksandr Kaplienko from Tambov with no goals and 1 assists

Current Season Stats

Top goal scorers for TBO in Premier League

Valeriu Ciuperca(1)

Alexander Karapetian(1)

Kirill Panchenko(1)

Top goal scorers for SO in Premier League

Christian Noboa(3)

Nikita Burmistrov(2)

Miha Mevlja(1)

Ivan Miladinović(1)

Dmitri Poloz(1)

Top assist scorers for TBO in Premier League

Vladimir Kabakhidze(1)

Oleksandr Kaplienko(1)

Pavel Karasev(1)

Top assist scorers for SO in Premier League


Christian Noboa(1)

Kirill Zaika(1)

Previous Season Stats – 2019/2020
Previous Season top Goal/Assist scorers for TBO vs SO
Top goal scorers for TBO in Premier League

Cedric Gogoua(3)

Georgi Melkadze(7)

Mikhail Kostyukov(7)

Khasan Mamtov(1)

Olabiran Blessing Muyiwa(1)

Maksim Osipenko(1)

Soslan Takazov(1)

Top goal scorers for SO in Premier League

Alexander Karapetian(2)

Anton Zabolotnyi(5)

Fedor Kudryashov(1)

Miha Mevlja(1)

Andrey Mostovoy(7)

Christian Noboa(4)

Dmitri Poloz(5)

Latest results for TBO

2020-08-22 : Zenit 4 – 1 Tambov
2020-08-18 : Tambov 1 – 0 Khimki
2020-08-15 : CSKA Moskva 2 – 1 Tambov
2020-08-08 : Tambov 0 – 1 Rostov
2020-07-22 : CSKA Moskva 2 – 0 Tambov
2020-07-11 : Arsenal Tula 2 – 1 Tambov
2020-07-07 : Tambov 1 – 2 Akhmat Grozny
2020-07-04 : Spartak Moskva 2 – 3 Tambov
2020-07-01 : Tambov 1 – 2 Zenit
2020-06-28 : Ural 2 – 1 Tambov

Latest results for SO

2020-08-22 : Rotor Volgograd 1 – 2 Sochi
2020-08-18 : Sochi 3 – 2 Rubin Kazan’
2020-08-14 : Sochi 1 – 1 Khimki
2020-08-09 : Spartak Moskva 2 – 2 Sochi
2020-07-11 : Sochi 1 – 0 Spartak Moskva
2020-07-08 : Zenit 2 – 1 Sochi
2020-07-04 : Lokomotiv Moskva 0 – 0 Sochi
2020-07-01 : Sochi 1 – 1 Dinamo Moskva
2020-06-26 : Akhmat Grozny 1 – 1 Sochi
2020-06-19 : Sochi 10 – 1 Rostov

Squads for TBO

N. Chagrov(G)O. Kaplienko(D)A. Oyewole(D)A. Rybin(D)E. Shlyakov(D)S. Takazov(D)G. Tetrashvili(D)V. Ciupercă(M)V. Kabakhidze(M)A. Kilin(M)M. Kostyukov(M)F. Akyam(A)V. Obukhov(A)S. Ryzhikov(G)V. Balashov(A)A. Karapetyan(A)K. Panchenko(A)A. Golovnya(D)N. Chicherin(D)P. Karasev(M)A. Gritsaenko(D)G. Onugkha(A)O. Chernyshov(M)I. Geloyan(A)

Squads for SO

S. Dzhanaev(G)N. Zabolotnyi(G)N. Kalugin(D)T. Margasov(D)M. Mevlja(D)I. Miladinović(D)E. Nabiullin(D)I. Novoseltsev(D)I. Tsallagov(D)I. Yurganov(D)K. Zaika(D)N. Burmistrov(M)N. Koldunov(M)C. Noboa Tello(M)A. Pomerko(M)E. Vardanyan(M)A. Bakhtiyarov(A)A. Rudenko(A)A. Zabolotnyi(A)S. Terekhov(D)E. Mammana(D)S. Samok(G)A. Nemchenko(M)A. Bokovoy(A)J. Ramos dos Santos(M)I. Popov(M)

Probable 11 for TBO

Sergey Ryzhikov(G),Nikita Chicherin(D),Evgeni Shlyakov(D),Adesoye Oyevole(D),c(D),Pavel Karasev(M),Anton Kilin(D),Mikhail Kostyukov(M),Valeriu Ciuperca(M),Vladimir Obukhov(A),Alexander Karapetian(A)

Probable 11 for SO

Soslan Dzhanaev(G),Emanuel Mammana(D),Miha Mevlja(D),Sergey Terekhov(D,Nikita Burmistrov(A),Kirill Zaika(M)
,Zhoazino(A),TimofeyMargasov(M),Christian,Noboa(M),IbragimTsallagov(M),Anton Zabolotnyi(A)

Our top picks for TBO
  • Alexander Karapetian
  • Vladimir Obukhov
  • Valeriu Ciuperca
  • Pavel Karasev
  • Mikhail Kostyukov
Top picks for SO
  • Anton Zabolotnyi
  • Noboa
  • Zhoazino
  • Nikita Burmistrov
  • Poloz
Top cap and vc for TBO vs SO
  • Alexander Karapetian
  • Vladimir Obukhov
  • Valeriu Ciuperca
  • Noboa
  • Anton Zabolotnyi
  • Zhoazino
Tips for Dream11 Teams / Tips for Best dream11 teams for TBO vs SO

Tips for Dream11 teams for Tambov vs Sochi

Most of the stuff mentioned above should be enough for preparing dream11 teams. As we won’t you to be Your own Expert we provided stats first.
But for those who are still looking for teams we will be posting two teams which can be used in Grand leagues with members ranging from 250-1000.

Lets start preparing teams

First question while building our team , we should answer to ourself, Who is going to win?

This becomes important as the team who will win is most likely to dominate the game, also our dream11 team will be stacked with maximum players from that team.

We expect TBO to win this game , so our team will have all possible maximum selection from this team.

Next up only applicable to football , Should we be having a clean sheet???

A clean sheet in football is gem for your team, from nowhere in the rankings you can be at the top jsut because it was a clean sheet and you had 4 defenders and a goal keeper form the team that had clean sheet

Next up , Who we think will be the key players. Who is going to score????

With 22 players at our disposal we can’t choose each, we need to make a list of must have and a list of players that we can afford to leave. This list is important and we need to preapre with our instincts. We can’t be wrong evrytime :-).

We have already prepared a list at the top and will refer that list for our teams.

Who will be our Cap and VC???

  • Will this be a clean sheet?
  • Margin of goals for the winning team?

If we expect a clean sheet with a margin of 1-2 goals we can go with Defenders as cap and vc, as we are not expecting a players to score more than one goal.

But if we expect a winning margin of 3-4 goals and that too with a clean sheet we should go with Forwards/Mid fielders as our cap and vc.

Depending upon these questions we have prepared two scenerios that we think will happen in this match and most of our teams will revolve around these scenerios.

Scenerio 1 for dream 11 teams

Tambov to win by 1-2 goals

We expect cleansheet for Tambov and a win for Tambov by 1-2 goals.
For a cleansheet scenerio and win by 1-2 goals dream11 team combination is mentioned below.

  • We will take four defenders from Tambov
  • Goalkeeper from Sochi
  • This will make 4 players from Tambov
  • Now we have to choose goal scoring forward and midfielder from Tambov. This is the luck piece here which forward and
    midfielder you choose. We are adding reference team for the ones that we are choosing.
  • For this scenerio we will choose forward/midfielder as our cap and defender as our vc. Defenders can get some cleansheet points and if they assist or score a goal that will be even better. You can reverse this as well i.e. make Defender as cap and Forward/Mid Fielder as vc.

As we don’t expect Sochi to score goals in this match , we can skip costly players from Sochi to take costly players from Tambov in order to keep your team combination in restricted point system

  • We will take mid fielders/ forward from Sochi and avoid taking defenders from Sochi . Defenders can loose points for conceding goals.
Scenerio – 2 for preparing our dream 11 teams

Tambov to win by 1-2 goals or a draw without a clean sheet.

  • In this team we will be taking minimum number of defenders required and won’t be making defenders as our cap and vc.
  • We will be making players from our top picks as our cap and vc.

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Best dream11 teams for TBO vs SO

It’s a good practice to build your teams revolving two top scenerio or match condition that can happen. We can’t build scatterred teams, but need to focus on the match condition that we think will happen. You can choose your own.

Cap and Vc that you choose will be the luck part. All the stats and analysis needed we have added here. Good Luck .


All our picks are based on in-depth analysis of the stats between two playing teams.
Please use these stats/team as reference for preparing your own teams for fantasy sports platforms.

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TBO vs SO dream11 / TBO vs SO dream11 team / TBO vs SO dream11 cap and vc

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