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Combining your instincts with our stats!!!!

Tips4FantasySports is a application created to combine instincts with stats. Fantasy gaming is gaining popularity and has grown exponentailly in just few years. I have seen users to fantays gaming sites growing from few thousdans to crores in just 2-3 years. More and more companies are launching there fantasy sports platforms.

There are certain factors which are key for creating fantasy teams. Few of the key factors are listed below.

  • Most Important is the instinct!
  • Form of teams/Latest records
  • Head to Head records between two playing teams.
  • Stats-Displaying Home/Away records
  • Predicting the outcome of match
  • And your luck :-). Which is another key factor.

Though these stats are available online but are in a scatterred way where in you need to search online to get all these stats. With Tips4FantasySports we are trying to create a platform where we provide this information on a single page.

For any feedback/suggestions you can write to us on [email protected]. We will try to include your suggestions.

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