Are all of the LA Lakers players vaccinated or not ahead of the 2021-22 season?

LA Lakers players

Recent reports reveal that all LA Lakers players have not been vaccinated yet

LA Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka has revealed that all of the LA Lakers players are yet to be vaccinated. Rob made it known that they expect all the players to get vaccinated before their opening game. The training camp officially begins on September 28th and it is a big concern that all the players are not vaccinated yet.

It is crucial news as the NBA have been making strict rules for the players who are not vaccinated. The NBA seemed to be working with new protocols and rules to be laid out before the season begins officially. All the staff working with the team and the arenas have been asked to get fully vaccinated. Even the fans cannot enter the arena without being vaccinated.

Cities of New York and San Francisco have already informed their teams that the players who are not vaccinated will not be allowed to play the games or even participate in the trainings. It is also important to know that this means all the LA Lakers players need to get both the doses and be fully vaccinated.

This can impact Lakers heavily as after dealing with injuries throughout the last season they will not want to lose anymore players for the coming season. The Lakers cannot afford have their important players miss games from the beginning. The Lakers squad although being very great is considerably old and this makes their health a priority. It is important for everyone to be healthy and remain healthy.

Moreover, the unvaccinated players can also pose a threat to the vaccinated players and the staff working with them. NBA are looking to make specific rules like providing unvaccinated players with different staying facilities and also locker rooms.

With that being said, all the Lakers fans and their team staff will hope that all the LA Lakers players of the team gets vaccinated as soon as possible.

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Are all of the LA Lakers players vaccinated or not ahead of the 2021-22 season?

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