NBA players not required to get vaccinated in new mandate

NBA Players

New reports say that vaccination is not compulsory for NBA players

It has been confirmed by the league sources that NBA players are not required to get vaccination against Covid-19. It has been revealed that it is not a compulsion for the players.

The NBA and it’s officials will explore the aspects of Covid and it’s protocols for the upcoming campaign that starts this October. Vaccination has been a part of big debates for a while now in the US. And the league officials want the players to decide for themselves as to avoid any conflict.

Whereas the NBA referees and almost everyone working as a part of the NBA staff is required to be fully vaccinated. A spokesperson from the NBA said that approximately 85% of the players have been vaccinated already. And for those who don’t wish to get vaccinated there will be strict protocols to avoid any safety hazards.

The protocols will include a set of guidelines to be followed like the locker rooms will be separated, the travel, eating and everything will be different between the vaccinated NBA players and non-vaccinated NBA players.

New Laws in New York and San Francisco

In the beginning of September NBA informed the teams from New York and San Francisco regarding vaccines requirements. It was said that the vaccine requirements will be enforced on New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and Golden State Warriors. However it will not be imposed only if there’s a medical condition or a religious exemption.

According to a report in late August, NBA informed that any person who is working under 15 feet of the players or the officials during the games will be required to get fully vaccinated latest by 1st October 2021.

In the last week Joe Biden, President of the United States has announced a new set of vaccine mandates that could impact as many as 100 million Americans. The new mandates are yet to be made official by the NBA. With just a month left for the beginning of the new NBA season it will be interesting to see what rules and protocols are laid out.

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NBA players not required to get vaccinated in new mandate

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