Ranking the NBA’s 3 highest paid players in 2021


Who are the NBA’s 3 highest paid players in 2021, let’s have a look.

In this article we rank the players according to their average annual salary. As usual the big teams pay the big bucks. Here’s a look at the NBA’s highest paid players for 2021.

1 Stephen Curry (Warriors)

45.8 Million Dollars

Arguably one of the best shooters in the game is at the top. To be honest it’s no surprise to see him at number one. What he does on the court is simply magical and seems like it’s worth the price. Curry has won the NBA championships 3 times and has played a key role in all three title winning seasons.

2 John Wall (Rockets) and James Harden (Nets)

44.3 Million Dollars

As you can see there is a tie on the number 2 spot. Both players are lethal shooters and are vital for both the teams. However, Harden is the one with the better team with Durant and Irving around him there to help him out.

3 Russell Westbrook (Lakers)

44.2 Million Dollars

The newly signed La Lakers player is going to be the highest earning player for the Lakers. His trade from the Wizards to the Lakers was also one of the biggest news of the season. He will surely increase the chances of winning an NBA championship with the Lakers.

NBA is a fairly high paying league. Where an average contract is also a multi-million-dollar deal. The Top 3 has some big names out of it. Players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis are being overshadowed by the players mentioned above.

What do you think will be an ideal list? Do you think any of them are overpaid? Or Will you like to add Lebron or any other player to the list. Let us know in the comments below.

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Ranking the NBA’s 3 highest paid players in 2021

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