Road to Qatar 2022

Road To Qatar 2022

The 2022 World Cup is just over a year away, and teams are starting to earn qualifications, though many spots still remain. A total of 12 teams have booked their slots for the biggest football competition which is going to take place in Qatar next year. The teams that have qualified except hosts Qatar include Germany, Serbia, Denmark, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, England, Switzerland and Netherlands from Europe, while Argentina and Brazil have qualified from South America.

European Drama

In Europe, the group stage is over meaning nine group winners have booked their spots, while three additional places remain up for grabs through the playoffs. The teams that could not qualify directly to Qatar 2022 will have one last chance to look for a spot in the World Cup. Two big names will be in the playoff round, Portugal and the Italians who lost a good streak during the qualifiers round. The teams that did not win their group during the qualifiers and came second are Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Ukraine, Wales, Scotland, Turkey, Russia, Poland and Macedonia.

South America’s Scene

Argentina has qualified for the World Cup as they extended their unbeaten run to 27 games, but Brazil will probably come away as the happier side after Tuesday night’s 0-0 draw in San Juan. Everything went wrong for Chile, as they lost to Ecuador on Tuesday. Ecuador was the big winner of this round. They went into the action safely in third place, with a four-point cushion, which has now been increased to six. Effectively this means that they are guaranteed to go into the final two rounds still in third place. A slot in Qatar is now theirs to lose. The CONMEBOL table looks very exciting as a total of 7 teams are still in the race for qualification.

Format of Qualifying

Teams that were unable to win their groups during the European Qualifiers and finished in the 2nd spot automatically enter the playoff round, officially known as the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA Second Round). In addition to the teams mentioned above, that did not win their groups in the group stage, two other teams will join them, coming from the Nations League first and second-ranked to play in the playoffs, which are Austria and the Czech Republic. UEFA will carry out a draw where the 12 teams will be divided into 2 pots to draw the semi-finals that will be played in three paths from March 24th, 2022, and the final of each of the paths on March 29, 2022. The seeded teams will play semi-finals of two legs against the unseeded teams, but the finals will be one single leg. At the end of the playoffs, there will be three winning teams from the finals that will be part of the main European group of nations that will play in Qatar 2022.

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Road to Qatar 2022

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