Who is the NBA rookie Josh Primo?


Find out more about the youngest player at NBA this year Josh Primo

Josh Primo was drafted by the NBA team San Antonio Spurs this year. He is excellent talent coming out of Canada who is just 18 years of age at the moment. Primo is the youngest player at NBA this season. He stands at a pretty good height of 6’6”, can shoot three pointers and guard effectively as well.

When Josh Primo made his debut in the NBA summer league it was clear that he had something special. The kid moves differently and his supreme confident with the ball just shines on the court. The commentators and analysts that watched him play on the Summer league were in complete awe of the player.

It was also noted that he gets the ball off very quickly taking just 0.78 seconds before on average to shoot the ball. The guy who drafted him Greg Popovich is known for spotting great talent and making them realize their potential. It seems like it is going to happen again. Primo scored 21 points in 23 minutes in the summer league. He is definitely going to improve his tally as he goes on. Primo upon his arrival at San Antonio Spurs has also signed a multi-million dollar deal with Nike. It is a big deal because before this he was relatively unknown and many have now spotted the future star in him including Nike.

The rookie definitely has great potential and will be exciting to watch if and when he gets the chance to play in the NBA. Josh is also at the best team he could be at in Spurs. San Antonio Spurs are known for developing raw talents and making them big stars in the league. It will be interesting to see Primo begin his career this season and also where he goes on from here.

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Who is the NBA rookie Josh Primo?

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