Funny goals in football


This video shows some of the funny goals in football. Goals displayed included Goal keeper hitting forward player with his goal kick and ball going in NET :). It also includes Goal keeper throwing ball and it hits opponent team forward and goes in NET :-).

# 10. : Goal keeper kicking ball onto opponents forward face and it goes in NET 🙂

# 8 Forward hitting cross ball into his face and it goes in net 🙂

# 6 Four defenders missing the ball while hitting and it finally lands in foot of forward who nets the goal 🙂

# 5 Defender while clearing the ball hits ball on another defender and it goes in net 🙂

#4 A straight ball to the goal keeper bounces of the mud and it goes in the net . Funny to see reaction of the goal keeper 🙂

# 1 : Goal keeper fumbles ball while collecting and than nets it by his leg and scores goal for his opponents 🙂

Note : Credit goes to original uploader .

Funny goals in football

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